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FRP Round Cooling Tower

Structure & Components

FRP Round Cooling Towers

Cast Aluminium Fan

Cast aluminium fan with gravity/die to shifting dense air at the time of vacuous in load. LM6 ranked aluminium ingots used

FRP Round Cooling Tower

FRP Assembly Fan

FRP assembly fan is manufactured from quality fiber glass reinforced plastics. Edges are gossipy as well as ultra radiance, peculiarly fitted to long cooling tower for maintaining exact cooling extent

FRP Square Round Cooling Tower

PVC Fills

Broadly acknowledged warmth exchange medium. Ultra violets settled as well as unbending PVC fill increments compelling warmth exchange territory for ideal cooling

FRP Square Round Cooling Towers

Cooling Motor

Electrical effective and fluent engines to rotating the blades. Completely encased base level cooled engine, having IP 55 assurance can be introduced in the open with no cover for the engine/motor.

FRP Square Cooling Tower


This is used in the round cooling tower to keep the sprinkler arm pipes in taut horizontal position above the PVC Fills

FRP Square Cooling Tower

Rotary Sprinkle

This rotating sprinkler distributes the incoming water evenly over the entire fill area. it rotates at a speed of 12 to 16 RPM.

FRP Square Cooling Tower

Splash Spray Nozzles

There spouts are utilized for circulating high temperature water in canalized water dispersion framework in cooling towers.

FRP Square Cooling Tower

Target Nozzles

Spouts are utilized for circulating high temp water in canalized water dispersion framework in cooling towers.

FRP round cooling tower suppliers and manufacturers to deliver industrial required towers. FRP round cooling tower exporters to overseas from Mumbai, India in demanded sectors and . FRP round cooling towers since 1980 as per the exact requirements and strictly adhering to the industry standards to full fill national and international demand according to client's suggestion and requirements with assured quality, safety, durability and reliability

Data for optimal selection (to be provided by user): Information in brief site conditions and Water Quality
  • Rate of Water Circulation - (LPM)
  • Water Inlet Temperature - (°C)
  • Water Outlet Temperature - (°C)
  • Ambient wet Bulb temperature - (°C)

Features of FRP Round Cooling Tower

We are specialized in manufacturing precision engineered FRP cooling towers that offer the following features:

  • Elegantly profiled: Available in three pleasing shades to suit individual taste and environment.
  • Light Weight: Allows roof installation and saves structural and masonry costs.
  • Scientific Design: The bottle shaped round cooling towers whose body is designed for optimum performance eliminating dead pockets and for longer life in adverse climatic conditions.
  • Vertical Induced Draft Counter Flow: Uniform air distribution resulting in heat dissipation.
  • Direct Driven Axial Flow Fan: Aerodynamically designed to achieve high efficiency. Adjustable aluminium blades facilitate large air flow at low static pressure and lower noise level.
  • Honey Comb PVC Fills: Extended contact area. Splits incoming air and water into several streams spread evenly across the cross section of the tower enhancing the rate of heat transfer.
  • Rotary Sprinkler: Sprinkler head made of aluminum alloy fitted with sealed ball bearing to take care of thrust and radial loads.
  • Drift Eliminator: Specially designed multi-blade rotary drift eliminator reduces carry over losses and spray entrainment.
  • Leak Proof FRP Basins: Deep sump basin with additional stiffeners. Avoids spillage and seepage of water. Area around the tower dry at all times.
  • Modular Construction: Easy assembly and dismantling direct access to internal parts and easy maintenance.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Inert to almost all chemical fumes. Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Long Lasting: Useful Life 300º more than conventional towers.
  • Algae Free: Minimal cleaning. Saves chemical treatment costs.
  • Non-deteriorating: Weather proof. Non ageing. Curtails expenditure on replacement of Parts.
  • Low Mark Up Volume: Lower drift losses hence lower make up water requirement.
  • Scientifically Designed Piping: Inlet / outlet connections conveniently located to simplify plumbing and improved overall appearance. Prompt after Sales Service even after the warranty period.
  • We are certified manufacturer of industrial evaporative cooling tower as well as closed circuit cooling tower

Applications of FRP Round Cooling Tower

  • Air conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Industrial chilling Plants
  • Compressors
  • Diesel Gen sets Induction Furnaces
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Vacuum Pumps